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HLM-Series(Link Motion Press)

HLM series is suitable for warm and cold forming, and also suitable for forming, coining, sizing of forged products which are severely deformed during final forging. The link motion press connects an additional link joint between the driving part and connecting rod of the knuckle-joint press to show a flexible motion curve of the knuckle press when the slide goes down and can return quickly as a crank press when the slide goes up.
This slide motion curve can reduce the press impact speed when forging the product. This increases the press-forming time of the press to produce high quality products and increase the production speed. Since it reduces the speed of the moment when the upper mold crosses the lower mold, so the service life of the mold is extended and the wear is minimized that the production speed can be enhanced by reducing the time of replacing the mold and increase the working time. It also minimizes the press noise with a gentle push motion like a crank press instead of a high speed forging.

  • Drive System

    The drive system minimizes the speed change of the throttling stroke through the knuckle mechanism and the link joint combined driving method to maximize the pressurization capability when throttling is commenced.

  • Transfer

    Transfer is an automatic conveying system of servo control system optimized for multi-process precision forging.

  • Parts

HCL-series 사양
Type HLM-1250 HLM-1600 HLM-2000 HLM-2500
Capacity (ton) 1,250 1,600 2,000 2,000
Stroke (mm) 500 630 630 800
Stroke Per Minute (SPM) 20 ~ 35 16 ~ 32 16 ~ 32 16 ~ 30
Slide Area, LR x FB (mm) 1,500 x 850 2,030 x 1,000 2,030 x 1,000 2,030 x 1,100
Bed Area, LR x FB (mm) 1,500 x 850 2,030 x 1,000 2,030 x 1,000 2,030 x 1,100
Die Height (mm) 1,360 1,420 1,600 1,600
Upper Ejector (mm) 40 50 50 60
Lower Ejector (mm) 200 200 200 200
Main Motor (kw) 200 320 350 400
  • Die Set
  • Q.D.C Device
  • Load Monitor
  • Die Lifter Device
  • Auto Transfer Device
  • Auto Lubrication Device
HLM-series 외형치수
Type HLM-1250 HLM-1600 HLM-2000 HLM-2500
L (mm) 6,050 6,700 6,700 6,800
F (mm) 8,450 8,700 8,800 8,950
H (mm) 10,000 10,800 11,100 11,400

* The specification of this machie can be modified without a prior notification.